Space Finance Group Services

The Space Finance Group's primary purpose is to help individuals, businesses, and nonprofits raise the capital they need to conduct their space activities. In this regard, we stand ready to assist with fundraising in amounts of up to $1 million. The primary mechanisms we focus upon are rewards crowdfunding and equity crowdfunding. We primarily focus on US based entities, but in some cases can work with entities based in other nations.

Since nonprofits are unable to utilize equity crowdfunding, we would suggest utilizing rewards crowdfunding websites like Kickstarter. Our team has worked on several different rewards crowdfunding campaigns focused on space and other topics.

Businesses can utilize either rewards or equity crowdfunding depending on their needs. At present, only businesses located in the US can use equity crowdfunding under US law.

There are other ways to raise capital that do not utilize crowdfunding. For the past 30 years countless firms have used the Regulation D, Rule 506(b) exemption to raise funds. If you choose to raise funds in this manner we can still provide support.

Members of our team have evaluated many businesses, written or reviewed lots of businesses plans, and studied spreadsheets until we thought our eyes might start to bleed. To our business experience we also bring a fascination of all things space going back for decades. If you need a business plan reviewed or written from scratch please keep us in mind.