The primary objective of the Space Finance Group is to help space startups secure funding for their projects and firms. While we are developing capabilities to provide larger amounts of capital, at present we are focused on working with entities that are seeking $1 million or less. There are various means of acquiring funds and we can work with both nonprofits and traditional businesses.

The Space Finance Group (SFG) has consulted on a variety of projects, however we are not at liberty to disclose all of them.

The company was originally founded with Title III of the JOBS Act in mind. Title III pertains to equity crowdfunding and allows everyone, not just the wealthy, to invest in startup companies. The JOBS Act was signed into law by President Obama back in April of 2012. However the Securities & Exchange Commission review process and the drafting of the final regulations took over 4 years to complete. The regulations eventually went into effect in May of 2016.

While waiting for equity crowdfunding to come available, SFG has undertaken various other projects. It seemed prudent to develop expertise in the form of crowdfunding that was currently available and this lead our team to Kickstarter. Our first formal Kickstarter work was done on behalf of the National Space Society (NSS). We were approached by the Executive Director of the NSS and eventually conducted the planning, execution, and marketing of a Kickstarter campaign for NSS. The project raised substantially more than its goal amount and enabled NSS to create a video explaining the importance of space exploration and development. The campaign can be viewed here.

When the NSS campaign was concluded, we were approached by a very high profile space exploration project team that requested anonymity. We spent an extended time working with them, reviewing and modifying their concept, business plan, and financial projections. Once our engagements with them was completed, the team evaluated various options since the equity crowdfunding regulations had not yet been completed.

The SFG partners decided to launch another Kickstarter campaign to fund a new space entity. The Kickstarter campaign was successful, exceeding the initial project goal. The entity created was Integrated Space Analytics (ISA). The initial goal of ISA was to update the Integrated Space Plan (ISP). The ISP is the most detailed long term look at our future in space. Covering the next 100 years, it's in flowchart format and contains approximately 500 elements needed for our space future. The Kickstarter campaign for the ISP can be viewed here. The new Integrated Space plan can be viewed here. SFG owns a major stake of the ISA entity.