ISP Draft Out For Review

Team ISP:

I'm delighted to announce that we've had a major breakthrough in the Integrated Space Plan update! Earlier today I sent out our draft of the primary ISP content to seven space experts for review. Other members of our team are sending the draft out to a few of their contacts as well.

Integrated Space Plan Summit Meeting

Team ISP:

After about ten weeks of research and countless video conferences and phone calls, our team met in person last week for four days of intense work on the ISP. You may find it odd that we had not met in person since the campaign ended until now, but every member of our team lives in a different state. Members of the team traveled about 18,000 miles so that we could all be in the same room.

Kickstarter Success - A Week of Rest - Research Begins

Integrated Space Plan Team:

As you know, thanks to your help and generosity our Kickstarter to update the Integrated Space Plan was successful! Support came from just about everywhere.

Our Backers hail from 35 states and 22 nations around the world. We reported on where support was coming from at halftime so here are the final scores. The leading nations were: US, UK, Australia, Norway, Netherlands, and Germany. The leading states were California, New York, Florida, Texas, Maryland, and Virginia

Integrated Space Plan Kickstarter Campaign is a success!

The Kickstarter campaign to fund creating an updated Integrated Space Plan poster has already passed its goal, and is still rising!

Thanks to all those hardy and intrepid space pioneers who supported the campaign. I want to especially thank Space Frontier Foundation and National Space Society for their support, both directly and in alerting their members to the opportunity to make a difference.

ISP Kickstarter Sucessful - Stretch Goal Established

Backers - We've done it! The Integrated Space Plan will be updated and brought online for the first time.

Hundreds of Backers from many nations rolled up their sleeves to get this done and we appreciate your support and suggestions. Several organizations also provided critical help to make our campaign succeed.

The Integrated Space Plan - A real and detailed timeline of our future in space for the next 100 years.

Integrated Space Plan splash image

In the late 1980s, an Integrated Space Plan (ISP) was developed to give a visual representation showing how the major space infrastructure elements fit together (see image below). The original plan by Ron Jones at Rockwell International adorned many walls at research institutions, universities, and aerospace companies, and even the wall of the NASA administrator’s office. We understand that a few copies of the ISP are still to be found on the walls of some NASA Field Centers.

A Kickstarter Campaign Tailor-made For Space Policy Wonks

SAN FRANCISCO — Space industry veteran Ron Jones is waging a social media campaign to revive an idea he initially conceived of in the mid-1980s: to publish a 100-year plan for human space exploration. “There are so many U.S., international and commercial players, it is important to show how various projects fit into the grand scheme, which will eventually lead us out into the solar system,” Jones said.

ORB-1: Antares Successfully Launches Cygnus En Route To ISS

Orbital’s Antares rocket has launched its first Commercial Resupply Services (CRS) mission, lofting the Cygnus spacecraft on a mission to deliver cargo to the International Space Station. The launch of ORB-1/CRS-1 from Orbital’s Wallops Island base occurred at the opening of the launch window, at 1:07 pm Eastern (18:07 UTC).