Who is Space Finance Group?

Our Company
Space Finance Group (SFG) is dedicated to connecting companies, institutions and entrepreneurs involved in commercial space and space development with forward-looking individual investors and institutions.

Our Personnel
The partners of Space Finance Group have been involved in space development interests at various levels for many years, and also bring a wide variety of technology, business and finance experience to the project. But perhaps most important, our founders have a consuming interest in making the expansion of humanity into space a successful business proposition. Space business is the key to space development, and eventually to space habitation.

Our Vision
But what is space business? This includes many possibilities, such as space solar power, beaming energy collected in the eternal sunshine of space down to Earth to replace or augment polluting electrical generation plants; the many existing industries based on orbiting satellites, including weather, communications, navigation, and mapping; discovery and collection of minerals and other resources from other bodies in the solar system; and manufacturing in the vacuum and microgravity of space that are impossible to do on Earth.

Integrated Space Analytics
In addition to assisting space entities in obtaining capital, the partners in SFG also saw the need for a detailed long term plan for our future in space. The SFG partners formed an entity called Integrated Space Analytics (ISA) to address this problem. ISA developed a 100 year space development plan in flowchart format called the Integrated Space Plan. The Space Finance Group owns a major stake in Integrated Space Analytics.